High requirements for the use of marine air cylinders
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The marine air bottle is one of the important accessories of the ship, and the use should be cautious and the requirements are relatively high. The use of the marine air bottle should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. During the use of the self-contained marine air cylinder, you should pay attention to the pressure gauge. When the pressure of the gas cylinder is lower than 55± 5 bar, the alarm whistle starts to sound, and the personnel should evacuate the dangerous area as soon as possible when the alarm starts.
2. Wear a face mask when using it, and ensure a good seal. If you have a long beard, you should not use a self-contained marine air bottle. Moreover, if the face shape or those with deep scars cannot be used, it cannot guarantee good air tightness, and when wearing it, avoid hair getting stuck between the mask and the face, which will affect the tightness.
3. If there is a problem with the performance of the mask or the respiratory maintenance device connected to it during use, you should leave the work area immediately. Never remove the mask when leaving the work area.
4. There are also many precautions when taking off the mask, use your thumb to pull the hook and loop forward to loosen the strap. Then insert the thumb between the mask and the chin, and gradually disengage from the chin. When removing the mask, be very careful to prevent inhalation of harmful dust and other harmful substances adhering to the outer surface of the mask.
5. Press the extra air supply button on the air supply valve in an emergency. Air flow will increase.
We all know the importance of marine air cylinders to the operation of ships. Therefore, they must be used correctly and safely. Pay attention to these matters to avoid malfunctions and serious consequences.