What is the principle of heat generation by plate heat exchanger?
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First of all, let's introduce the plate heat exchanger. In the use of the heat exchanger, the most important mode is the main equipment for heat exchange of liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor.

The use of plate heat exchangers has many advantages, such as high heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, compact and lightweight structure, small footprint, convenient installation and cleaning, wide application, long service life, etc. The characteristic is that many other heat exchangers do not have. The small footprint is memorable to many people, because its footprint is only about one-third of the tubular heat exchanger.
When we talk about the working principle of the plate heat exchanger, it mainly depends on the effect of the corrugations on the plates of the plate heat exchanger, and the speed of the fluid flowing along the narrow and curved channel The constant change of direction causes the fluid to arouse a strong end motion at a small flow rate (when Rc=200), thus accelerating the destruction of the fluid boundary layer, strengthening the heat transfer process, and effectively improving the heat transfer capacity.
What we have described above is the main advantages of plate heat exchangers and the main reasons for heat exchange, but we also know that that is the main basic function of plate heat exchangers. The basic principle of heat transfer is that heat is transferred from a high temperature object to a low temperature object.